Trying to Cheat God?

Ananias and Sapphira were trying to cheat God. They promised Him everything, but only gave Him part.

Acts 5:3-11 describes how this couple saw the favor others received when they sold something and brought the proceeds to the infant church. They wanted to enjoy the same acclaim.

No one asked them to sell their property. No one asked them to give the entire sale price as a gift to the church.

Their sin was making the clear impression that they gave the entire sales price, when in fact they kept some for themselves. In effect, they came down the aisle singing “I Surrender All” when some of the money was stashed in their pockets.

Although it’s tempting, let’s try not to make ourselves better than we are. Let’s try not to make our sacrifice bigger than it was. God knows the truth, and we bring judgement on ourselves for the lie.

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