Month: October 2019

Telling the Nations

The outlook was bleak. Israel was in Babylonian captivity because they had consumed God’s blessings, but had not conveyed those blessings. In the midst of darkness, God gave them hope in Ezekial 36:26-27. God looked to the future… Read More

Blessed to be a Blessing

Genesis 11:1-9 describes the attempt by man to exalt himself by building a tower to the heavens. The result, of course, was that God scattered people around the earth and “confused” their language. Ironically Genesis 12:1 begins the… Read More

Ownership Issues

The people of Israel had just done something that was incredibly incredible! First, King David himself gave his personal treasures for the building of the Temple. How much? It was 110 tons of gold and 260 tons of… Read More


Ever been frustrated? Ever been tired? Ever just want to say “enough”? The reality is that helping others can wear us down. Why can’t we “fix” them? Why can’t they turn their life around? Sometimes a very brief… Read More


Our culture tells us that we should be discontented with what we have. Every day we are assailed by advertisements that try to convince us that our lives will be better if we owned whatever it is that… Read More


At the most basic level, there are only five ways to spend our money: 1. Live – our basic necessities (food, clothing, and shelter) plus all the “extras” we desire. 2. Give – what we give away to… Read More

Competing Priorities

It seems as if the clamor never ends. The dilemma of competing choices is a regular phenomenon in our lives. Nevertheless, understanding the dilemma of competing choices is essential to proper and God honoring stewardship of our resources…. Read More