There is a secret in the Egyptian culture, and it’s not that birth is painful, it’s that these women, when empowered, are very strong. I have been here long enough to know, they can be doctors, musicians, authors, artists, and they can do just about anything. A visit to any hospital in Egypt, you quickly come away with the impression that the Egyptian woman is weak, frail, and has no tolerance for anything beyond the slightest amount of pain. The culture teaches that pain is frightening and birth is an emergency and because of that, these women no longer trust their bodies to do what God made them to do. That trust has been transferred to a medical system that is built on what will go wrong, and medical care providers no longer learn what it looks like when everything goes according to God’s plan. Our first Birth Guardian Instructor Program was a huge success! Trainees came, not just from Cairo, but from cities and villages from all over Egypt. Our objective is to educate, not only the physical aspects of a natural birth, but also how the mother’s emotions and spiritual beliefs impact her ability to trust her instincts give birth. This new program focuses on certifying Egyptian women to teach other women their own social level, and in their own language, that they do indeed posses the ability to give birth naturally.


God works in mysterious ways, including Post-It notes! Cru needed a faculty advisor for a club on the Glendale Campus, but they had no idea how to find one! Following a suggestion, Holly and 3 other women put Post-It notes with a short message of their need on any car window in the faculty parking lot that had a church sticker or Christian symbol. Two hours later they got a call from Charlie who agreed to be their advisor after a short meeting the next day. Charlie didn’t have church sticker or Christian symbol on his car, but he found a Post-It note! God moved the note to his car! Please Pray that the Glendale Student Counsel will approve Cru to be an official club on campus before the end of the year.


Erik and Teri have shifted their focus from traveling to unreached Muslim peoples around the world to engaging and equipping Muslim background disciples in Tucson.

In September, the Powells procured and launched “Ministry Training Center” in downtown Tucson. In this Middle Eastern friendly leased apartment, they are talking, drinking tea and eating with these new friends in the safe and culturally relevant Ministry Center environment. Pray with Erik and Teri as disciples are being prepared and equipped to make other disciples and strategically plant house churches.

One 15 year old Syrian refugee asked, “Teri, do you think that God has a purpose for my life?” Pray that this young woman will come to know the One who tells us, “I know the plans I have for you declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” Jeremiah 29:11


“The harvest is past, the summer has ended, and we are not saved” Jeremiah 8:20

How true this is for millions of souls around the world who do not know Jesus as Savior, who have never heard the Gospel. Reach Beyond exists to use creative technology to proclaim the Gospel message worldwide. To date, more than 500 missionary radio stations have been established in countries around the world. In addition, more than 64,000 solar-powered SonSet radios have been distributed in dozens of countries so people can listen to their local missionary radio station broadcasting the message of hope in their own language. 

Wayne’s part in this venture has been to assemble and ship FM broadcast antennas for these missionary stations. Our part has been to pray for Wayne and provide financial support so he can continue this important ministry. 


  • CARENET Crisis Pregnancy Center in Sierra Vista
  • Crossroads Nogales Mission
  • CRU – Matt and Holly Melton on the ASU campus 
  • Evangelical Free Church of America
  • Reach Beyond – Wayne Huhta
  • Resource Exchange International – Karen Flowers
  • Scriptures in Use – Erik and Terri Powell
  • Community Youth – example: Vacation Bible School

Please pray for these missions. SHCC financially supports these missions through our church budget. So every time you give a tithe or offering, YOU are helping to share Christ with others. THANK YOU!


Don’t forget about our community food pantry. We have a collection basket in the vestibule, and are always in need of non-perishables. Thank you to all have donated, we partner with other local churches to help those in need our community.


We have a wonderful couple in our church who collects coats, blankets, sweatshirts and jackets of all types and sizes. These items can be for men, women or children and can be new or lightly used. They then take them to homeless shelters, parks around Tucson and the Gospel Rescue Mission. If you have any of these items that you would like to donate please bring them by Sonoita Hills Community Church. You can also drop them by the Sonoita library (attn. Jennifer) God is really moving this couple to help others, we are blessed to have them in our fellowship!